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Godfrey Kacholi Most Vulnerable Children in Tanzania

Godfrey Kacholi Most Vulnerable Children in Tanzania


The socio-economic status of most households affects their accessibility to health services, implementation of user fees systems have remain to affect the poor. The study reveals that, policies that protect the poor are in place, yet the challenge remains at the implementation level. This is a qualitative study conducted in two wards of Morogoro Municipal that included 35 participants who were interviewed to obtain the information from them to build on the arguments and conclusions made in the literature. The challenges around the quality of services have been... In 2009, the number of most vulnerable children was estimated at two million. The rights of these children to social services including health which is under threat in light of increasing poverty, over-stretched extended families and insufficient mechanisms to ensure policy implementation. This book wants to share the experiences that most vulnerable children encounters in the context of health and access to health care.

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